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Our story


Established in 2017 by brothers Kye and Rees Duncan,

Salty Backs was originally designed around retro smooth skin wetsuits and apparel. The apparel and wetsuits ran out quick but so did our patience liasing with overseas manufactures. A year on Kye built a successful muscle balancing business on the Gold Coast trading as Salty Backs Muscle Balancing while Rees started tinkering with composite spearfishing and freediving fins.



The Start of Salty Backs Fins

After using several different brands of composite/carbon fibre blades, I (Rees) was intrigued with how a bit of material could simply be so light but still twist and turn on itself without snapping in half.

So I began researching how to make my very own fins. It didn’t take long to realise there is next to no informative information out there or people simply willing to teach someone how to make a composite blade (later on I realise why). After fail attempt after fail attempt, I soon realized there is more to a fin then laminating a few bits of material together to create a useable/ lasting blade. From this point I knew I needed to invest in proper equipment to make a fin for myself. After more and more failed attempts we hit the end of 2019 were I finally honed my technique, tools, and process to make my first fin I would class as 99% perfect for Spearfishing. But like all spearfishing equipment it must stand out and look apart, so I decided to research and test a way to add artwork to the fins. After Several thousand dives and spearfishing trips later I finally felt these fins are a classy alternative to what’s out there in the market today.

How SB fins are made





All fins are handle layed into our polished stainless steel mould carefully laying carbon fibers into the perfect position for a progressive fin bend. They are then finished with our innegra hex wrap giving the fin the ultimate protection and flexibility. Materials and consumables used are 100% purchased here in Australia. We have gone to the extent to have these recognised by the Australian-made foundation which enables us to advertise our fins with the Australian-made logo ,This is something we are extremely proud of. 

After fins have been vacuumed pressed with resin, They are laid to cure under our commercial grade heat blankets for optimal heat curing control. 

Once fins are 100% cured they are then ready to be cut on our in-house CNC machine. Fins are then fitted with rails and foot pockets (if bought from us) 


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